“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”
— Toni Morrison



I have known Roseann for years! The moment I learned of her professional background, love for the literary world, along with her extensive knowledge in literature, I immediately sought her out for assistance. She's passionate about helping others achieve their potential and she will help you every step of the way, if you allow her. A great person to work with, providing me with the tools and information to steer me in the right direction to a great novel. For that, I will always recommend that any independent or seasoned author work with her.

— Iman b. williams, author of The difference between mars & venus

Roseann has an eagle eye for grammar and, most importantly, she has incredible literary intuition.  This helps writers to develop their narratives and the characters that traverse them.

—Sacha wynne, Freelance writer, and Marketing executive at joe's pub at the Public Theater

Roseann's goals inspired me to perform at a higher level when researching, writing, or interviewing artists for Muphoric Sounds. As an editor, her guidance helped me to become a better writer, focusing on the details and leaving out unnecessary rhetoric. Her marketing knowledge of the online world has been paramount to the success of Muphoric Sounds. She not only maintains a clear and well-documented online presence, but she has mentored me in the art of social networking.

—robert liu-trujillo, freelance illustrator at blood orange press and contributing editor at muphoric sounds


Words cannot express my gratefulness to Roseann and her editing abilities. Assisting independent authors with their dreams can be challenging at times. However, the editing support and care she provides to aspiring authors is phenomenal. We share the same passion of assisting authors in producing quality work. Therefore, I am overjoyed to have her part of The Self-Publishing Maven Team!

—Robin Devonish, CEO of The Self Publishing Maven

Roseann is absolutely Amazing! She is very thorough and helped me through the process of editing my first published book. She has many great ideas and key advice to help push authors to really connect with their targeted audience. She is very professional and great to work with. She truly made my experience as a new writer an unforgettable one, by helping me grow as a writer, but also developing me to be more in tuned with the purpose of my writing. Thank you, Roseann for your amazing help and guidance!

-Tori Ellis, Author of The Sound of Business: Seeing Entrepreneurship Through Hip Hop