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* For first time inquires, a 5-10 page sample edit is offered to determine use of Edit Bae's services.

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full manuscript edit

50,000+ words / $1,000 - $1,500 — You will receive in-depth and honest guidance for your fiction project, to inspire a stronger manuscript, a more confident writer, with clearly defined next steps for your revision. The benefits are: a look at your manuscript with detailed notes on the major components of your novel, character, tension, stakes, dramatic arc, and a macro view of how your story works as a book; a micro approach to line editing, with careful page-by-page notes on your manuscript sentences, structure, syntax, voice, word choice, as well as copyediting to improve clarity, style, and common issues; and provide a roadmap on how best to proceed after you have received your manuscript feedback.

Reader report

50,000+ words / $400 — This option combines aspects of the full manuscript edit service but condenses feedback into a 10-page document to summarize main findings. The micro-line edit is omitted, and instead, citations from your work are used to create teaching points on character, voice, plot, and other major craft considerations. *This service is for writers who are confident in their novels but may suspect there being a novel-wide issue that is hindering progress. This service allows me to isolate your manuscript's drawbacks and condense the information into a report that you can read over as you revise. 

100 Page edit

$200 — This service allows me to dig into the important elements of your work and identify high-order concerns that can make or break a story once an agent or editor gets past those crucial introductory pages. You'll benefit from the insights provided as you launch your story, gain momentum, and learn whether or not you are falling into any common traps that can wreak havoc on your project as it develops. You'll receive thorough notes on the 100 pages, giving you the tools to proceed for your project to shine.

30-minute Brainstorming Call

$100 — If you're at the ideation stage of your project and need guidance on where to begin, this service gives you the opportunity to pick my brain about your story, idea or the publishing industry. Send up to ten pages that include writing samples or background information on the project before the call, so that we can spend as much time focusing on your ideas and questions. I will review the potential of your idea in the marketplace, provide actionable next steps to start the process in devising your book proposal. Categories include Memoir / Life Story, Narrative Nonfiction, Prescriptive, How-To and/or Self-Help, Business, and other.

Author Website / Blog Critique

$150 — The website is an important part of an author's long-term marketing and publicity strategy. I will review your site's content, assess whether you're adhering to best practices for authors, using SEO correctly and if your site is optimized for mobile and social media. You will need to complete a worksheet for me to understand the history of your website, how you manage it, and what you want to accomplish in the future. *A thorough look at your website and its presence will be performed and a roadmap of next steps will be provided.

Book Proposal Package Edit

$350 — If you have a completed book proposal draft, then the next step is for me to take a look at it. Oftentimes, authors with little experience with or exposure to book actual proposals miss including necessary sections, or have insufficiently addressed important information such as competing titles, target market, or a marketing plan. Sometimes book concepts have not been carefully thought through, and need to be re-conceptualized if they are to succeed in the market. I will need to evaluate your proposal and if I think I can help, I will recommend one of the following:

Book Proposal Phone Consultation - I would recommend this service when the proposal needs a lot of work, or if there is a significant flaw in your concept or platform. I will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal and help you determine next steps for the project.

Book Proposal Edit and Consult - If your proposal does not have any glaring holes or significant market problems, then I will recommend a basic book proposal edit.

Query Letter Consultation

$100 —I will read your query letter and give you thorough query editing notes on voice, tone, content, presentation, and more. I’ll also share my thoughts on your story idea and its chances in the market. I will let you know whether or not your story idea–as presented in your query–has the right stuff to stand out in the slush. Query letter editing can be your magic bullet.

*Custom packages can be designed to fit your needs also.

*Pricing is arrived by multiplying $0.03 by word count.

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